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A Better Day, A Better Year, A Better Life

“Northwest Therapeutic is an amazing place. I have two autistic sons who took lessons through FACES there. They loved it do much we’re doing lessons there this fall!”

“An awesome place with great staff helping special people!”

“Therapeutic Riding has helped my daughter achieve more confidence physically, gain more body awareness, increase balance and core strength, along with just being a very fun activity which she enjoys quite a bit. Therapeutic riding is also a great tool to help increase social practice, cognitive development and responsibility with animals.”

“I was affected during my community service when I saw immense improvement in the riders during the lessons. They got so much better with their positions (posture) and you could see the glow on their faces. It makes me glad to see them happy and enjoying themselves."

"Riding has helped to strengthen my sons torso, improved his posture and balance so he can sit up by himself."