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Madison’s Experience With the NWTRC

As told by her father, Kaler Crane at "Denim to Diamonds" November 6, 2010

Madison Crane is an 18 year old young lady who lives in a loving home with her mother, father and two brothers.

She has always been a big part of her family, participating in all her family events. Sharing the good and the bad times that every family shares.

Madison has watched while her brothers have participated in their chosen activities. Going to her younger brothers’ football games, by riding along to pick up her older brother from theatrical rehearsals and performances.... Hours of her life have been spent just to help making these activities possible for the ones she loves the most.

Never complaining, never resisting, but always on the sideline.

Madison has never been invited to a friends house after school, has never been invited to a birthday party, a sleep over or a dance. She has never had a special friend that she could be close to and share with.Madison has never had the special moments that she can cherish as hers, just hers. The moments that make her feel that these are her memories, her joy.

That has all changed.


With what her parents thought would be a physical benefit, a straightening of the body, a dexterity enhancement therapy, a developmental exercise became something so very much more.

It became Madison’s moments.

Of course all the physical benefit was there, all the confidence building was there, everything that was expected was there, but there were moments.

The moments of having something special that was just hers. moments of joy, moments of having very special friends, the moments of connecting in a way that is so special with very special animals. Moments that were all just for Madison.

I’m sure we have heard giving people say that they always get so much more back then what they give, and Julia and her staff are no exception to this. In our case, I would have to adamantly object.

I don’t think it could be possible for you to see through your eyes what we can see through ours. Of course the smiles, the laughter and the riding tall and proud are there for all to see. But for us who understand the magic in the moment, we see so much more.

We see the way a life is changed. How a realization of this is a special moment for a special very deserving person. We see our child experience joy.

Does thank you say enough? No it can’t. But we are limited to the words that exist. So to Julia, the Board of Directors, the sponsors, the riding staff and very importantly the magical creatures that make it all possible - the horses, all we have is........ Thank you.