Our Services

1. Provide an environment where participants can realize their potential through empowerment and independence.
2. Foster and encourage the unique bond between horses and humans.
3. Be a model of best practices for the Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapy field.

1. Provide safe, effective and fun horseback riding and equine-assisted activities to people of all abilities.
2. Provide a compassionate, caring, nurturing and respectful environment for the NWTRC community.
3. Provide an accessible program which overcomes physical, emotional and financial barriers.
4. Provide a well maintained facility and well cared for animals.
5. Provide expertise and knowledge of therapeutic riding and other equine-assisted activities.
6. Provide a strong and  sustainable organization through fiscal responsibility.


  • Benefits of Adaptive Riding

    Adaptive Riding is recreational horseback riding lessons for individuals with disabilities. Riders learn horsemanship and riding skills in an environment tailored to their individual needs and learning styles. We offer instruction to riders of all skill levels. Goals are riding-skill based, but individuals and parents often report many therapeutic benefits of participation. These benefits include improvements in physical strength, balance, coordination, mobility, self-confidence, self-control, peer interaction, and social skills.

    Adaptive riding lessons are taught by PATH International certified instructors who create a wide variety of games and exercises designed to meet each student's needs. Lesson plans take into account the rider's physical, emotional, and mental strengths and limitations. Classes include arena riding, trail rides, and group activities. 

  • Programs

    NWTRC provides horsemanship and riding lessons to people of all ages and abilities. Each individual's goals are targeted in group and private lessons taught by PATH Intl. certified instructors.

  • Virtual Sessions

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  • Testimonials

    Read what people are saying about their experiences at the Northwest Therapeutic Riding Center.