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What People are saying about their experiences at the NorthWest Therapeutic Riding Center

Taylor at the NWTRC "Thank you for a wonderful experience on Taylor’s first riding lesson, she enjoyed herself very much. In fact, she stated it was the best day of her life. I was proud of her. Your stable was clean, your staff friendly and your confidence and professionalism made me feel at ease. I especially enjoyed "row, row your horse gently round the ring." Taylor looks forward to her next ride. Thank you so very much for offering this program to our children."
Nicky, mother of a rider

"What we like so much about the NWTRC’s program is that it makes Laura happy. It gives her an accomplishment of which she can justly be proud. She loves Dutch Treat (DT) and has learned to care for her and give her treats, and they both like that! Laura especially loves cantering. She liked competing in the horse shows, and I love all the wonderful pictures we have of her riding DT, both dressed up for the shows. We enjoy getting a chance each year to come to the NWTRC horse show also, where we watch the kids ride, have a great picnic and visit with other families. I think the Bozzo’s and all the volunteers do just an amazing job and we are very grateful to them and to the board members and contributors that keep the program going."
Mary Rawlins, mother of a rider

"Since I began working in my current teaching position (and for a couple years prior), for a total of seven years, the students in my class have participated in horseback riding. This activity is beneficial to these children in so many ways. For one, it is great as a physical therapy type activity. It helps students with balance, gait, and sensory integration. Horse riding also serves as a recreational activity. It is wonderful for my students to get out in the fresh air and do something they enjoy and excel at. When students are up on a horse, they can walk, trot, or gallop when they otherwise couldn’t under their own power. There is a sense of freedom and empowerment for children who now have some physical independence that they otherwise wouldn’t. Our students look forward to horseback riding all year and feel special that they can partake in this activity. We are so fortunate to have a riding program so close to our school that is so willing to work with the needs of our students to help them be successful and, more importantly, feel successful."
Nicole Riedesel (special education teacher)

"When I first volunteered with some of the riders, I didn't know if they were responding very much to the ride. But after the 2nd or 3rd ride I was with them, I could see that they really were responding, and more so each week. I learned a lot from the other volunteers that were more experienced. You don't have to be completely knowledgeable about horses to be a volunteer. With interaction through songs, basketball, and putting objects into buckets, the riders do much more than just going around in a circle. It was always a special moment when one of the riders would respond particularly well with me.
Gary (adult volunteer and NWTRC Board Member)

"It is difficult to sum up in words the depth of emotional experience that occurs each day at the NWTRC. I have found it a profoundly rewarding experience that has left its mark on me for life. I would highly recommend this program to any parent with a special needs child. "
Kim (mother of rider, adult volunteer)

"For me, volunteering gives me a chance to leave the stresses of the workplace and other daily responsibilities behind and focus on the interaction between horse and NWTRC rider. Horses remind us that the current moment is paramount, which is such an important lesson for these kids. If I can help a rider in the program to achieve something—even something small, like remembering the four basic aids of the rider—I can only hope that this moment gives the student confidence to make strides, no matter how big or small, when they leave the lesson and confront the rest of their day, or week, or year..."
Kelly (adult volunteer)

"Since Brie began riding, I think she is more comfortable trying new motor challenges. She has become much more adept at riding her bicycle and I suspect that her horseback riding contributed to this. She had been having some motor planning difficulty with her bike, but seems to have gained increased competence in negotiating getting on and off the bike, recognizing obstacles and steering around them. In other words she has an increased awareness of environmental factors and not just her own body. She is more aware of her relationship to the bike and her and the bike’s relationship to things in their environment. Yesterday, she pedaled a bike through a very crowded store without bumping into things."
Jenny (mother of rider)

"I love seeing the kids’ faces light up with excitement when they see their pony, and to witness the improvements in their riding, attitude and physical shape."
Kim Morris

"Therapeutic Riding has helped my daughter achieve more confidence physically, gain more body awareness, increase balance and core strength, along with just being a very fun activity which she enjoys quite a bit. Therapeutic riding is also a great tool to help increase social practice, cognitive development and responsibility with animals."

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