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holiday 2017

This Holiday Season give a "Leg Up" to people with disabilities.

Your chosen amount will support services including therapeutic riding & horsemanship lessons, volunteer training and support for our 7 amazing therapy horses.

Leg Up Champion

$1,000 - You are a leader in our community. You help provide fun, effective and safe horseback riding and horsemanship lessons to people with disabilities.

Leg Up Benefactor

$500 - Supports an accessible program which overcomes physical, sensory, learning, emotional and financial barriers.

Leg Up Advocate

$250 - Provides an environment where participants can realize their potential through empowerment and independence.

Leg Up Supporter

$125 - Foster and encourage the unique and special bond between horses and humans.

Just like people and horses donation come in all sizes. Thank you for considering what is in your heart and what amount is right for you.

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