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When one door closes, another door opens

We can’t thank everyone enough for the overwhelming support for our program during the Gypsy Gift contest. Thank you all for your dedication, spreading the word, being part of our amazing community and LexLin Gypsy Ranch for this amazing opportunity. After 62 days of voting, our small (but mighty) program received 12,177 votes, putting us in 11th place overall.

Although we are in the top 20, we have had to make the difficult decision not to accept the Gypsy Gift horses that are still available, as the horses that were most suitable for our program were selected.

“When one door closes, another door opens” and while our door for getting a Gypsy Horse may have closed, we are very excited about the opportunity of another one opening for us.

Stay tuned for some exciting horse news, and thank you all so much for supporting NWTRC!

freedom feet