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Composting Corner

Thanks to the Norcliffe Foundation and Mike Bozzo NWTRC has a clean, green Composting Corner!

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NWTRC is committed to an ecologically sound, ethical and sustainable facility. This project improves upon our existing manure management practices. Horses are the literal and figurative backbone of our program. 8 horses produce a lot of manure! The average horse produces 50-70 lbs of waste per day), which amounts to 350-490lbs. of manure waste per day at NWTRC. Properly managing manure reduces pests (including rodents and bugs), keeps our herd of horses healthy (free of internal and external parasites), preserves the footing in our paddocks and pens, and keeps our center odor-free. As an agricultural facility, it is of great importance that we take every measure we can to eliminate contamination of water sources and to ensure sustainability of our land for the future.

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 Thank you so much to the Norcliffe Foundation who made this improvement possible!