In Loving Memory


On Friday our beloved Kurt went over the rainbow. 

Kurt has been an integral member of the riding center since 1993 when he came to us as a two-year-old. In his 24 years of service, he carried hundreds of riders on his strong back, was named the NARHA Region 9 Therapeutic Horse of the Year in 2006 and gave us all so many special memories.

Kurt was born to be a therapeutic horse. He was exceptional at working with riders with the most severe disabilities due to his gentle nature and immense work ethic. Kurt was extraordinarily versatile, he could pull a cart, jump a jump course, trail ride but his true calling was being a therapeutic horse for the riding center. We could always count on Kurt!

We are extremely thankful to our team at Kulshan Vet Hospital (Dr. Cha, Dr. Sauter & Deb Kuiper) for doing everything they could for Kurt and to our staff & the Bozzo family who have been taking round the clock care of him.

Kurt leaves behind a legacy of incredible work, compassion and some very big hoofprints to fill. We love you Kurty!
If you would like to make a memorial to Kurt and help defray the cost of his vet expenses you can donate here.

Spread the Cheer All Year!

holiday 2017

This Holiday Season give a "Leg Up" to people with disabilities.

Your chosen amount will support services including therapeutic riding & horsemanship lessons, volunteer training and support for our 7 amazing therapy horses.

Leg Up Champion

$1,000 - You are a leader in our community. You help provide fun, effective and safe horseback riding and horsemanship lessons to people with disabilities.

Leg Up Benefactor

$500 - Supports an accessible program which overcomes physical, sensory, learning, emotional and financial barriers.

Leg Up Advocate

$250 - Provides an environment where participants can realize their potential through empowerment and independence.

Leg Up Supporter

$125 - Foster and encourage the unique and special bond between horses and humans.

Just like people and horses donation come in all sizes. Thank you for considering what is in your heart and what amount is right for you.

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Farm Improvements

Thanks to generous contributions from the Norcliffe Foundation and Tulalip Cares Charitable Contributions we were able to do two major farm improvement projects this year!

The "Raise the Roof" project replaced a 25-year old loafing shed with two new loafing sheds for our wonderful therapy horses. 

*This project was made possible by the Norcliffe Foundation*


 IMG 2985 b


IMG 3710 b


The "Hoofbeats are Heartbeats" Footing and Fencing project replace 20+ year-old hog fuel footing with gravel and replaced aging fencing and gates.

*This project was made possible by Tulalip Cares Charitable Contributions*


IMG 2473 b    


IMG 3833 b

Welcome Salvador!


Please join us in giving a warm welcome to the newest member of our herd, Salvador!

Sal is a 10 year old, 14.2 hand Dales Pony gelding. We are so excited to have him in our program!

Be sure to say 'hi' to him the next time you are at the farm.

When one door closes, another door opens

We can’t thank everyone enough for the overwhelming support for our program during the Gypsy Gift contest. Thank you all for your dedication, spreading the word, being part of our amazing community and LexLin Gypsy Ranch for this amazing opportunity. After 62 days of voting, our small (but mighty) program received 12,177 votes, putting us in 11th place overall.

Although we are in the top 20, we have had to make the difficult decision not to accept the Gypsy Gift horses that are still available, as the horses that were most suitable for our program were selected.

“When one door closes, another door opens” and while our door for getting a Gypsy Horse may have closed, we are very excited about the opportunity of another one opening for us.

Stay tuned for some exciting horse news, and thank you all so much for supporting NWTRC!

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Thank You for Voting!

THANK YOU all so much for voting and spreading the word about the LexLin Gypsy Gift Contest over the past 62 days. 
You helped us get 12,177 votes, 11th place out of 78 centers across the country!

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Unleash Your Smile Power!

Seattle Refined on KOMO 4 did a great piece about NWTRC that aired 3/13/17. 

Do no worry if you didn't see it live, you can watch it here!

Seattle Refined